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The first step of any successful mailing

is the list.

And we can ensure everything within your list is at its best.


We handle all of the presorting requirements necessary to meet the Postal Service's mailing standards. This includes CASS certification, NCOA (National Change of Address), generation of all applicable barcodes depending on the class of mail, and the creation of all documentation required to enter your mailing. Also, we are fully compliant with the Post Office's eDoc standards so you receive full-service discounts for all of your automation compliant mailings.

Data Services Include:

  • CASS Certification
  • Duplicate Removal & Cleanup
  • NCOA (identify individuals or businesses that have moved within your list)
  • Electronic Documentation for
    Full-Service postage discounts
  • Delivery Sequencing for carrier route postage rates
  • Market Analysis
  • List Rental

What do all of these acronyms & abbreviations mean?

List Cleanup

Got a list that needs a little TLC? Our list department can analyze what you currently have and show you records that are duplicated, addresses that are invalid and undeliverable, or records that just have a very low probability of being delivered. By utilizing these services before you mail, you save money by keeping your list clean and eliminating records that will not be delivered. Also, ask about our delivery sequencing services which in many instances can save you even more by qualifying your lists for carrier route discounts.




Market Analysis


By taking your mailing list and sorting the addresses by the areas being delivered, you qualify for lower automation rates. Those lower postage rates can cut your costs tremendously.

For instance, presorting will take a large list and group together all addresses going to a particular zipcode. Those pieces would get one of the lowest 5-digit rates. Remaining pieces are then sorted to a 3-digit level (first three digits of the zip code), then to service areas. Basically, the closer you can get pieces to their final destination, the lower your postage costs.

Here are links to the current presort postage rates: First Class, Standard

Coding Accuracy Support System

CASS certification is a process that takes your list and adds additional information such as carrier route and zip+4.

Why is this process important? Because the information added by the CASS process allows your mailings to be barcoded, ensuring maximum postage savings.

Also, the CASS process standardizes address such as abbreviating "STREET" to "ST" or "DRIVE" to "DR". This not only helps your mailing meets Post Office requirements, but also allows duplicate addresses to be identified and removed more easily prior to mailing.

National Change of Address

With almost 15% of the population moving on a yearly basis, keeping your customer file up-to-date with the latest addresses could be a chore.

You could call everyone from time to time to verify their information, writing off those that you couldn't reach. OR you could use our NCOA services!

NCOA (National Change of Address) takes your exiting information and matches it against the United States Postal Services Change of Address database. Any who has moves in the last 48 months and filed a change of address form with the Post Office is updated....automatically. This service saves you time, money, and ensures you still stay in touch with those customers who are on the move.

Market Analysis

Need to find new prospect for your products or services? Of market analysis services can help. We can take your existing database and find other individuals or business that line up perfectly with your current customer base. You can also define new areas of growth by targeting specific demographics such as age, income, home values and length of residence. Plus our list rental options make it easy for you to target those new prospects with your next mailing.

List Rental

Starting from scratch or looking to add additional prospects to your next mailing? Our data services department can help you find businesses and individuals that are a perfect match for your product or service.


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